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Welcome to page of Paris Tours & Packages. Here We have listed our Tour packages with Top Tourist attractions in Paris France. We give you the comfortable & High-Quality transportation for a fixed lowest rate.

Package 01

Paris Panoramic Tours

Top Paris Transfer Paris Tours

We are offering you an attractive and most valuable Paris tour to visit the wonderful places in Paris city, Including ,Eiffel tour, Arc de triump, White church, Champ elisee, Place de la bastile, Place de la concorde, Invalide, Notre dame, opera museum etc. arrangements can be made during the tour to take the photographers.

Prices in Euros 1-4 Per 4-8 Per
Paris Day tour / 4 hours 200€ 240€
Paris Night tour / 4 hours 240€ 260€
1 hour + 50€

Package 02

Versailles Palace

Paris economic Cab service to versailles palace

The palace of Versailles is the most respected and historic castle in France, Built by the 'Roi soleil', Louis xiv who ruled France between 1682 and 1715, The Town of Versailles is 20 kilometers west to Paris, During your visit you may see beautiful paintings, Royal ward robs, royal furniture, Royal garden and fountains etc.

Prices in Euros 1-4 Per 4-8 Per
Paris Versailles – up/down 160€ 180€
Paris Versailles – one way 85€ 100€
1 hour + 35€

Package 03

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont St.Michel to Paris Shuttle

Mont St.Michel was built in 6th century to serve the duke of Normandy ( William 1st ), This legendary mountain is situated in Normandy region about 350 km to west of Paris, It takes about 3 hours to reach there. Because of its blend of different cultures mount St.Michel attracts a lot of tourists.

Prices in Euros 1-4 Per 4-8 Per
Mont St.Michel tour 750€ 850€
Approxi. 08 - 09 hours - -

Package 04

Giverny Garden Tour

Paris to Giverny Garden Cab service

Giverny is the name of the house where the famous French artist Claude Monet had lived and did his art work. Giverny is situated 75 km to west of pairs there you will see his fabulous paintings , beautiful flower garden and famous Japanese bridge.The duration of the tour is about 4 to 5 hours.

Prices in Euros 1-4 Per 4-8 Per
Paris to Giverny 350€ 400€
(2 hours waiting free)
1 hour + 30€ -

Package 05

Tour Fontainebleu Palace

Paris to Fontainebleau palace Cabs

Fontainebleau is another important historical place you don’t want to miss. We Top Paris Transfer provide comprehensive private Fontainebleau tour for low cost. The tour covers the beautiful historic Fontainebleau palace which is located 55 km away from Paris City.

Prices in Euros 1-4 Per 4-8 Per
Duration of the tour 300€ 400€
(2 hours waiting free) 30€
1 hour +
Paris Fontainebleau 160€ 210€
One way

Package 06

Omaha Beach Tour

Paris to Omaha beach cab service

Omaha beach is the code name for one of the main landing point of the allied army, on 6th June 1944 during world war 2 . the beach is located on the coast of Normandy and 8 km. long,from st- honorine-des-pertes to vierville -sur-mer in north west of France. Omaha beach is situated 276 km. west to Paris.

Prices in Euros 1-4 Per 4-8 Per
The duration of the tour 600€ 700€
is about 10 hours
Up & down day tour

If your packages is not listed please contact us for a customized package.