Best Ways To Get From Paris To La Vallee Village

Paris To La Vallee Village

Wondering how to get from Paris To La Vallee Village? La Vallée Village is one of the eleven shopping destinations that are part of the Bicester Village Shopping Collection spread around Europe and China. It is a unique shopping destination by being home to both upscale luxury brand-shops, such as Prada, Gucci, Armani; and also more affordable brands such as Guess, Levi’s, Philip Plein, Polo Ralph Lauren, and many others. It is a prime shopping location where savvy shoppers can find high-quality articles at 33% or more discount. And if you visit it during the two shopping seasons in Paris, you can score additional discounts. When visiting the most magical and most romantic city in the world, and wish to do a bit of shopping, smart shoppers come to La Vallée Village.

Taxi From Paris To La Vallee Village

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Paris To La Vallee Village Taxi Prices

Number of Passengers Price
1-3 Passengers 70€
4 Passengers 75€
5 Passengers 80€
6 Passengers 90€
7 Passengers 95€
8 Passengers 95€

Transfers From Paris To La Vallee Village By Train

Traveling from Paris to La Vallée Village shopping center is possible by train. But, it is inconvenient as it requires sticking to a set schedule, one change of vehicles, and a decent amount of walking. If you are taking this trip just for shopping, it might not be such a huge problem to have to walk to the nearest connecting metro or RER station. But if you are heading to your accommodations at one of the nearby hotels, towing your luggage and potentially family members or kids could be too much of a hassle. Or even worse, if Paris is completely unfamiliar to you and you are visiting for the first time, public transport presents nothing but an opportunity to get lost or frustrated.

Because Paris is a large city, and there are many places from which you could start your trip, here is the most convenient, and with the least walking, way to travel from a point which is often taken as the geographic coordinates of the city of Paris, the Hotel de Ville. Some 150 meters from Hotel la Ville is the location of a metro station of the same name, here you should board a line 1 metro car. Third stop from it you will arrive at Gare de Lyon train station, where you should disembark and walk some 300 meters to the RER train platform. Here you should take an RER A line train and disembark on the 12th next stop, the Val d’Europe station. From Val d’Europe it is half an hour or 1.2 kilometers walk to La Vallée Village shopping center.

Duration: around 55 minutes

Cost: €7.10 for an adult ticket.

Transfer From Paris To La Vallee Village By Bus

Traveling by bus from Paris to La Vallee Village shopping center is a very cumbersome and complicated thing to do. Because there is no direct bus line it is required to change vehicles. And if you are traveling, for example, from Hotel la Ville it could mean changing vehicles between 3 and 6 times depending on the combination of lines you choose. If you take into account that it is all city bus lines and the number of stops along the way and the changes, this less than 40 kilometers trip will take around 3 and a half hours, no matter which route you take. This makes traveling by bus very inconvenient.

The least complicated way to travel by bus is the oddest one, via Charles de Gaulle Airport. It requires only three changes of vehicles and requires the least amount of walking. Though it is the longest in kilometers, almost three times the distance by city buses, most of it is covered by express buses which make fewer stops than city buses. Thus it takes around 3 hours and a half, the same as by city buses.

Some 500 meters from hotel la Ville is Rivoli-Pont Neuf bus stop where you should board a line 21 bus. It will take you to the Opera Garnier. From here, you need to walk to the other side of the Opera, and a bus stop where you can board a Roissypole bus going to CDG. From this bus, you can disembark at Terminal 3. From this bus station, you can take an Express20 bus, which will take you to Gare de Meaux. Just 120 meters away is the Gare Routiere Quai K, where you should board a Mobilien 6 bus. It will take you to Gare Val d’Europe station. From Val d’Europe it is half an hour or 1.2 kilometers walk to La Vallée Village shopping center.

Duration: around 55 minutes

Cost: from €17.50 for an adult ticket.