Best Ways To Get from Gare du Nord to Beauvais Airport

Gare du Nord to Beauvais Airport

Need to get from Gare du Nord to Beauvais Airport? Beauvais Airport is located in the Tille neighborhood of Beauvais. Though a bit of distance from the center of Paris, it services the French capital as the main hub for low-cost flights. With more than 4 million passengers passing through this airport, it is a favorite hub for budget travelers.

The majority of travelers choose to arrive at or from the airport through Gare du Nord train station, as this station provides many convenient public transport connections with the whole of Paris and many other major cities in France.

Gare du Nord is one of the six major train hubs in Paris. By the number of passengers that pass through it annually, it is the busiest train station in Europe. It serves as a hub for urban, intercity and international transportation, by providing services for Paris Metro, RER, TER, and TGV lines, but also for the many urban bus lines. Besides being a major transportation hub, originally constructed in 1846 and extensively rebuilt in the 1860s, Gare du Nord’s main building is also a popular tourist attraction.

Taxi From Gare Du Nord To Beauvais Airport

From Gare du Nord to Beauvais Airport is an 80 kilometers trip, which typically lasts between an hour and an hour and 25 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. And Top Paris transfer is a private Paris taxi services provider which can provide you with a hassle and stress-free transfer between these two points. Without any change of vehicles, or waiting for your next ride, you will arrive at your destination directly and in the most comfortable way.

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Gare du Nord to Beauvais Taxi Prices

Number of Passengers Price
1-3 Passengers 120€
4 Passengers 120€
5 Passengers 130€
6 Passengers 135€
7 Passengers 140€
8 Passengers 150€

Transfers From Gare Du Nord To Beauvais Airport By Train

Traveling by train from Gare du Nord to Beauvais Airport is somewhat possible. Due to the lack of direct line, you can cover only a part of this trip by train, while to your destination you must continue by bus or a taxi.

From Gare du Nord, by train, you can reach the town of Beauvais, on which outskirts the airport is located. But you need to be careful which train you embark on. Some departures are direct trains to Beauvais, while others are requiring the change of train at Creil. Due to scheduling issues, in Creil, you might wait up to 30 minutes for a train heading to Beauvais. Both the direct train and from Creil will take you to Gare de Beauvais, at Beauvais. Just 300 meters walk from the train station is Gare Routiere bus station through which a line 6 bus passes. Because of the departure schedule, you might need to wait up to 30 minutes for your bus. Line 6’s end station is the Tille Aeroport, which is the old name for Beauvais Airport.

Duration: around 1 hour and 15 minutes (with additional up to 1-hour waiting)

Cost: from 18.50€ for an adult ticket

Transfer From Gare Du Nord To Beauvais Airport By Bus

Traveling by bus from Gare du Nord train station to Beauvais Airport is possible, but not very convenient. Because there is no direct line a change of transfer is necessary and due to fixed schedules this can take up to an hour.

From Gare du Nord you can take a line 43 bus which drives to Neuilly-Bagatelle and back. This bus will take you to General Koenig-Palais des Congres bus stop where you need to disembark. From this bus stop, Paris Porte Maillot bus station is some 300 meters walk away. Depending on your time of arrival at the bus station, you might have to wait up to an hour for a connecting departure. From Porte Maillot you can catch the Aeroport Paris-Beauvais shuttle bus.

Duration: around 1 hour 50 minutes (with additional up to 1-hour waiting)

Cost: 17.90€ for an adult ticket.