Best Ways To Get From Charles De Gaulle To Staycity Aparthotel Marne La Vallee

Charles De Gaulle To Staycity Aparthotel Marne La Vallee

Needed to know how to get from Charles De Gaulle To Staycity Aparthotel Marne La Vallee? Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport is the largest French and per number of passengers the second busiest airport in Europe. If you are coming to France from abroad, you are most likely to land at this airport. The whole of the airport sprawls over an area of 32 square kilometers. Though most of it consists of four runways, airport buildings are of considerable size. To help passengers navigate between three terminals and seven sub-terminals, and automated rail shuttle system is constructed, CDGVAL connecting Terminals 1 and 3 with Terminal 2, but also two shuttle bus services connecting sub-terminals of Terminal 2. As part of the airport, a train and bus station operates, connecting CDG with other major transportation hubs.

Staycity Aparthotel Marne La Vallee, located in Bailly-Romainvilliers just outside the Disneyland Paris Golf course, boasts with a range of ultra-stylish accommodations. From modern studio and single bedroom apartments to spacious private villas. Accommodations which provide you with an award-winning blend of home and hotel stay. Their accommodations provide a perfect combination of comfort and convenience, with all the amenities that will allow you to enjoy your stay as pleasant as possible. It features both indoors and outdoors pool, kids’ amusement and play area, and a modern gym facilities, allowing you a perfect change of pace from the attractions and rides of Disneyland Paris.

Taxi From Charles De Gaulle To Staycity Aparthotel Marne La Vallee

Top Paris Transfer

Traveling from Charles De Gaulle to Staycity Aparthotel is the easiest and most comfortable done by a private taxi. This typically 30-45 minute trip, depending on traffic, you will travel in the comfort of a passenger vehicle, undisturbed by inconveniences of public transport or other commuters. Top Transfer Paris is a private Paris airport taxi service provider that strives to provide the very best services to customers. When you arrive at CDG airport, your driver will be waiting for you. Ready to meet and greet you, and help you to navigate through the airport complex to your awaiting vehicle. In case of delays, with your flight number, we can be aware of such a situation and quickly adapt to it. Our drivers are experienced professionals and bilingual. Being able to converse with you in French and English will be glad to provide any assistance they can.

Our services you can book, free of charge or credit card requirements, with just a few clicks of the mouse and for any time of a day. If you have any inquiries about our services, you can contact our customer support service 24/7 using one of the available contacts.

Our fleet of modern and luxurious vehicles will allow you to reach your destination in comfort and style, in a true door to door fashion. And if you are traveling with family, we can provide the needed number of the baby or booster seats.

Charles De Gaulle To Staycity Aparthotel Marne La Vallee Taxi Prices

Number of Passengers Price
1-3 Passengers 60€
4 Passengers 65€
5 Passengers 70€
6 Passengers 75€
7 Passengers 80€
8 Passengers 90€

Transfers From CDG To Staycity Aparthotel Marne La Vallée By Train

Traveling from CDG to Staycity Aparthotel by train is possible only part of the way. Train lines connect CDG with Marne La Vallee train station and from there you will need to continue by different means. The train station at CDG is located near Terminal 2, and if you have arrived at Terminal 1 or 3 you can reach this station by a CDGVAL shuttle. Even if you have arrived at Terminal 2, you can expect to have to walk for a bit through the sprawling and confusing hallways of this terminal until finding the train station on your own.

From this train station, you can take a TGV train which stops at Marne La Vallee train station located next to Disneyland Paris. Just outside of it is a bus stop where you can board a line 34 or 35 bus. Either of these buses will take you to L’Orme Rond bus stop, which is located some 200 meters from Staycity Aparthotel.

Duration: around 1 hour

Cost: from 21€ for an adult ticket

Transfer From Charles De Gaulle Airport To Staycity Aparthotel Marne La Vallée By Bus

Traveling by bus from Charles De Gaulle airport to Staycity Aparthotel is possible, but requires at least one change. First, you need to reach the bus station from which the Magic Shuttle departs. It is located near Terminals 2E and 2F. If you have arrived via Terminals 1 or 3, you can reach this bus station by taking the CDGVAL shuttle and then proceeding on foot from the train station. If you have arrived via Terminals 2A, 2B, 2C, or 2D; you should take the N1 shuttle bus, while from the 2G terminal N2 shuttle bus.

With Magic Shuttle, you can ride to Marne La Vallee bus station just outside the train station. At this bus station, you can board a line 34 or 35 bus that will take you to a bus stop near Staycity Aparthotel. The L’Orme Rond bus stop, which is located some 200 meters from your accommodation.

Duration: around 2 hours

Cost: from 25€ for an adult ticket.