Best Ways To Get From Charles de Gaulle To Montevrain

Charles de Gaulle To Montevrain

Looking ways how to get from Charles de Gaulle To Montevrain? Montevrain is a commune in the Île-de-France region, just west of Disneyland Paris proper and bordering with it, and less than 40 kilometers from the city center Paris. Because of such proximity to this popular family-vacation spot, it is a very popular holiday destination. Stretching from the river Marne on the north, to the area of the Val d’Europe shopping center on the south, it covers an area of just 5.5 square kilometers. Hotels you can find in this area fall into categories between 3 and 5 stars, which is the same situation as with the official Disneyland hotels. But, staying at most of them is cheaper than at one of the official hotels of similar quality, as you will not have to pay the markup of the official Disneyland hotel status. Thus Montevrain is a destination favored by savvy and budget-conscious travelers.

Taxi From Charles de Gaulle To Montevrain

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Charles de Gaulle To Montevrain Taxi Prices

Number of Passengers Price
1-3 Passengers 60€
4 Passengers 65€
5 Passengers 70€
6 Passengers 75€
7 Passengers 80€
8 Passengers 90€

Transfers From CDG To Montevrain By Train

Taking the trip from CDG to Montevrain is possible by train. But, it is possible, but only part of the way, while you will have to reach your destination by some other means. This makes it a bit inconvenient way to travel, especially if you opt to do so by a bus, which as opposed to a TGV train has a limited or none at all baggage capacity.

As a part of CDG Airport functions a train station near sub-terminals 2E and 2F. After navigating to it from a terminal you have arrived at, which you can do by either CDGVAL automated train car or bus which connects various terminals and sub-terminals, you can board a TGV train that will take you to Marne La Vallee train station. This train station is located just next to Disneyland Paris, and outside of it is the bus station, Marne-La-Vallee Chessy Nord, where you can board a line 43 bus. This bus makes fourteen stops in various areas of Montevrain, from which you should continue on foot to your destination.

Duration: around 1 hour

Cost: from €21.00 for an adult ticket

Transfer From Charles de Gaulle Airport To Montevrain By Bus

Transfer from CDG Airport to Montevrain is possible with one change, similar to traveling by train. And for the very same reasons as by train, traveling by bus is an inconvenient way to travel. Besides having to make a change, the second leg of your trip you will have to make by a city bus, which per design has no luggage capacity, at all.

From CDG Airport operates the Magical Shuttle bus service, which connects the airport with various Disney hotels near Disneyland Paris. These buses depart from both airport bus stations near Terminal 1 and the one between Terminals 2E and 2F. This bus you can take to a bus stop just outside of Marne La Vallee train station. Just a few meters away is Marne-La-Vallee Chessy Nord bus station, from which you can continue on your way in the same manner as if traveling by train. A bus operating on line 43 will take you to Montevrain and your destination.

Duration: from 1 hour and 30 minutes

Cost: around €25.00 for an adult ticket.