Best Ways To Get From Beauvais to Vienna House Magic Circus

Beauvais to Vienna House Magic Circus

Wanted to know how to get from Beauvais to Vienna House Magic Circus? Every now and then everyone needs to get away from everyday life and escape to some magical place. And if you have a family there is only one kind of place for such an escape. Disneyland Paris. Place where magic and fairy tales loved by both grown-ups and kids alike come to life. One of the best hotels to stay at during your Disneyland family adventure is the Vienna House Magic Circus. Located just a short drive from Disneyland, this hotel is inspired by the magic of circuses of the old. Featuring entertainment for the whole family, a dedicated play-room the kids will love, luxurious spa with an indoor pool, and an on-site fine dining restaurant; this hotel will make your stay at Paris.

If you are a budget traveler, your adventure in the magical kingdom will most likely start with arrival at Beauvais Airport. By its size and number of travelers, it is the 10th largest airport in France. But also favored by many European low-cost companies. It accommodates flights connecting many big European cities, Barcelona, Rome, Belgrade, Dublin, Vienna, just to name a few; which makes it favorite among budget travelers coming to France.

Taxi From Beauvais To Vienna House Magic Circus

Family traveling can sometimes be a very exhausting endeavor. Juggling the passport control, checking, luggage drop-off or pick-up, other family members, catching a ride to your hotel, and foot traffic at the airport can leave feeling that your vacation will truly start. And the best way to relieve your mind from unnecessary burden is by booking a private taxi from the airport to the hotel.

Top Paris Transfer is a private Paris airport transfer provider that can offer you a hassle and stress-free transfer services from Beauvais Airport to Vienna House Magic Circus hotel. At any time of the day, you can use our online facilities to book a vehicle. And a professional driver will be waiting for you at the airport. Having your flight number we are capable of accommodating any unexpected delay or change of your time of arrival.

You can be certain that your driver is bilingual, speaking both French and English, and thus capable of answering almost any inquiry you might have. Or just pass this one and a half hour trip in a pleasant and friendly chat.

As the comfort of our customers is our prime concern, we provide transfer services with a fleet of modern vehicles of various types and seating capacities. Thus we are capable of meeting the needs of almost any number of passengers. As we are aware that your trip to Disneyland is most probably a family vacation, we can provide baby or booster seats for all your little ones.

Booking or changing our service is free of any charge, and you can do it online 24/7. And for your convenience, the fee is collectible upon your arrival at your destination, in either euros, pounds or dollars.

Beauvais to Vienna House Magic Circus Taxi Prices

Number of Passengers Price
1-3 Passengers 130€
4 Passengers 130€
5 Passengers 135€
6 Passengers 140€
7 Passengers 145€
8 Passengers 150€

Transfers From Beauvais Airport To Vienna House Magic Circus By Train

Getting from Beauvais Airport to Vienna House Magic Circus hotel is possible by train, but not recommended. Having to change five different modes of transport, while doing so with your luggage and kids, is very inconvenient. But if you are set on traveling by train, here’s how to do it.

To start your journey by train, you first need to get to a train station. The closest one is the Gare de Beauvais, which you can reach by a line 42 bus. It will take you to a point some 400 meters away from the train station, and this distance you will need to walk. From Gare de Beauvais you can catch a TER train which will take you to the Gare du Nord train station in Paris. From Gare du Nord you can embark on an RER D line train going towards Paris Gare de Lyon. From this train station, you can either take a 300 meters walk to a metro station or a 1.3 kilometers walk to Paris City Centre – Bercy Seine bus station.

The metro line 14 car will take you to Bercy metro station, which is some 650 meters walk away from Bercy Seine bus station. At this bus station, you can catch a BlaBlaBus shuttle that will take you to Marne La Vallee – Chasey bus stop. Your last leg of this journey to your hotel is a 1.2 kilometers walk from this bus stop.

Duration: 3 hours 35 minutes (excluding transfer time)

Cost: from 30€ for an adult ticket.

Transfer From Beauvais To Vienna House Magic Circus By Bus

Traveling by bus from Beauvais to Vienna House Magic Circus hotel is a bit less complicated than by train. But still, rather an inconvenient way to cover this distance.

From the airport, you can embark on a shuttle bus heading to Porte Maillot bus station. Here you will need to switch to a shuttle bus heading to Charles de Gaulle Airport. This bus makes several stops at CDG airport, and you will need to be careful to disembark at the sub-terminal 2E/2F stop. From this bus stop, you can embark on a Magical Shuttle bus driving to Disneyland. The closest bus stop to your hotel where you can reach with this bus is near the hotel Santa Fe, which is some 1.3 kilometers from your destination.

Duration: 3 hours 25 minutes (not including transfers)

Cost: from 57€ for an adult ticket.