Best Ways To Get From Beauvais To Marne La Vallee

Beauvais To Marne La Vallee

Wondering how to get from Beauvais to Marne La Vallee? Marne La Vallee is the plan-built town located east of Paris best known for Disneyland Paris, along with and around which it was built.

Originally envisioned as the urban area intended to provide necessary facilities for the Magical Kingdome, today it is the place where you can find many ways to change the pace from the excitement of the amusement park, and not just the hotels to stay in during your vacation.

From public parks and playgrounds, lakes and promenades, to shopping centers with many upscale and designer brand shops. Being located just 25 kilometers from Paris city center, it is also an excellent base for exploring this magnificent city.

Taxi From Beauvais To Marne La Vallee

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Beauvais To Marne La Vallee Taxi Prices

Number of Passengers Price
1-3 Passengers 125€
4 Passengers 130€
5 Passengers 135€
6 Passengers 140€
7 Passengers 145€
8 Passengers 150€

Transfers From Beauvais Airport To Marne La Vallee By Train

Traveling by train from Beauvais airport to Marne La Vallee is possible, though anything but convenient. Due to the lack of a direct line, you are bound to use several different trains. What makes it even less practical is the design of the cars you will have to use.

Both TER and RER cars are more similar to metro trains than to passenger trains. And as such, they lack basic necessities for traveling by them if you are coming on vacation, such as storage space for luggage.

Thus, it is not recommended to use this mode of transport. But, if you are determined to use it anyway, here is the most convenient way to do so.

Beauvais Airport doesn’t have a train station, thus you will have to use a bus to reach the closes. Bus line 42 will take you from the airport to a point some 500 meters from Gare de Beauvais train station. From this train station, you should take a TER train which you can ride to Gare du Nord.

This station services bot TER and RER lines, and you will need to switch to either B or D RER train. Either of these two will take you to your next stop, Chatelet les Halles train station. From here you should continue on your way by boarding an RER line A train which will take you to Marne La Vallee train station.

Duration: around 2 hours 55 minutes

Cost: €33.90 for an adult ticket

Transfer From Beauvais To Marne La Vallee By Bus

Traveling by bus from Beauvais to Marne La Vallee is a bit of an adventure. Because of the way that bus lines are organized, the least impractical way is to take a bus to the center of Paris, then continue to either Orly or Charles de Gaulle Airport, and then from there reach Marne La Vallee.

This roundabout way makes using a bus very impractical, and a very long way to travel. But if you are set on traveling by bus, here’s how to do so via CDG airport, as it is a quicker one of these two.

Beauvais Airport operates a shuttle bus service using which you can reach Porte Maillot station. From Porte Maillot you should take Le Bus Direct line 2 bus that will take you to terminal 2 of CDG.

From terminal 2 you can use the free Roissybus shuttle to reach terminal 3 where you should board the Express 20 bus heading to Gare de Meaux.

After reaching the end stop at Gare de Meaux station, you should board a line 19 bus that will take you to Marne La Vallee bust station.

Duration: around 4 hours 15 minutes

Cost: €49.60 for an adult ticket.