Best Ways To Get From Beauvais Airport To Rouen

Beauvais Airport To Rouen

Wondering how to get from Beauvais Airport To Rouen? Rouen, the city on the Seine river and the capital of region Normandy, and former capital of medieval Duchy of Normandy is one of the most important historical cities of northern France.

One of the most popular sights of this city is the Church of St Joan of Arc, which is constructed in the place of ancient market square where Joan of Arc was burned at stake in 1431. The exact spot of burning is a small garden just outside the church, called Le Bouchet.

Another popular sight is the Cathedral of Rouen, a Roman Catholic cathedral constructed in the Gothic style. It was constructed in the place where a church in the 10th century once stood.

Construction of the current building was started in the 12th century and finished in the 16th with the construction of the Butter Tower, so called because it was financed by the indulgences paid by citizens for eating butter during Lent. Thus it features different elements spanning 5 centuries of development of the Gothic style.

Rouen is also a city where you can find one of the oldest astronomical clocks in France. The Gros Horloge, which was built around 1389, measures 2.5 meters in diameter and was constructed without a dial, thus the one revolution of hour hand represents 24 hours.

It also shows the phases of the moon, with a special mechanism making a complete revolution in 29 days.

Taxi From Beauvais Airport To Rouen

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Beauvais To Rouen Taxi Prices

Number of Passengers Price
1-3 Passengers 160€
4 Passengers 165€
5 Passengers 170€
6 Passengers 175€
7 Passengers 180€
8 Passengers 190€

Transfers From Beauvais To Rouen By Train

Traveling by train from Beauvais to Rouen by train is quite a bit of a complication. Due to the lack of a direct line changes are required, and you are required to use four different vehicles, which makes it very complicated to organize your trip due to clashing schedules.

But if you are determined to travel by train, here’s how you could do it in the most convenient way.

First, you need to board the line 42 bus at the airport, which will take you to the town of Beauvais, at a bus stop some 500 meters from the train station. From Gare de Beauvais, you can board a TER train that will take you to Gare du Nord train station in Paris.

From there you need to walk some 150 meters to Magenta station where you can board an RER line E train car going to Gare du St Lazare. From this train station, you should board on a TER train that will take you straight to Rouen.

Duration: around 3 hours and 40 minutes (without changes)

Cost: from €35.10 for an adult ticket.

Transfer From Beauvais Airport To Rouen By Bus

Traveling by bus from Beauvais airport to Rouen is a little bit less complicated than by train. Your trip starts in a similar manner, by taking the line 42 bus to the town of Beauvais.

From Beauvais, you can take a NOMAD bus head to Le Treport, which passes through Abancourt, where you should disembark. At Abancourt you can board another NOMAD bus, which goes from Amiens to Rouen.

Duration: around 2 hours (without changes)

Cost: from €19.80 for an adult ticket.