Best Ways To Get From Beauvais Airport To Rouen

Wondering how to get from Beauvais Airport To Rouen? Rouen, the city on the Seine river and the capital of region Normandy, and former capital of medieval Duchy of Normandy is one of the most important historical cities of northern France. One of the most popular sights of this city is the Church of St […]

Best Ways To Get From Beauvais To Orly Airport

Wondering how to get from Beauvais To Orly? Beauvais Airport is located around 85 kilometers north from the city center of Paris and serves as the international hub for low-cost flights and as a favored option for the budget-conscious travelers. With more than 4 million passengers flying to and from it, it is the 10th […]

Best Ways To Get From Paris To La Vallee Village

Wondering how to get from Paris To La Vallee Village? La Vallée Village is one of the eleven shopping destinations that are part of the Bicester Village Shopping Collection spread around Europe and China. It is a unique shopping destination by being home to both upscale luxury brand-shops, such as Prada, Gucci, Armani; and also […]

Best Ways To Get From Charles de Gaulle To Montevrain

Looking ways how to get from Charles de Gaulle To Montevrain? Montevrain is a commune in the Île-de-France region, just west of Disneyland Paris proper and bordering with it, and less than 40 kilometers from the city center Paris. Because of such proximity to this popular family-vacation spot, it is a very popular holiday destination. […]